Alba Campo Rosillo

Art Historian and Museum Professional

My name is Alba Campo Rosillo and I am an art historian specialized in U.S. American art and portrait painting production of the Americas in the modern and contemporary era. 


I research issues of materiality and beholding, history of collections, and the intersections of politics and economics in portraiture. In my dissertation “Artistry and Industry: The Portraiture of George Peter Alexander Healy (1830-1871), I discuss the investment of this artist in the principles of industrialization, which creatively shaped his work.




I am co-curating the exhibition "Colonial Memory in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collections". This exhibition sets out to decipher the elements of colonial power within the iconography of certain works in the said collections. A selection of paintings will reveal “invisibilised” stories of racial domination, marronage and the civil rights struggle, as well as the introduction of the modern mercantile system based on European military control, the use of enslaved African workers and the appropriation of firstly Latin American and later Asian and African land and raw materials.